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The homebuilt 180 GHz Spectrometer

Since 1998, a spectrometer has been developed with an operating frequency of 180 GHz and corresponding magnetic fields of 6.4 Tesla.

Two different setups have been developed: A transmission mode setup working without a cavity and a setup working with a cylindrical closed type cavity .

This is the highest frequency worldwide used in conjunction with a cylindrical cavity. The cryogenic Teslatron H magnet system provided by Oxford Instruments consists of two superconducting coils. One of them produces a static magnetic field in the range of 0 - 7 Tesla and is normally set to 6.422 Tesla, corresponding to 180 GHz for g=2. To reduce liquid helium consumption, the current leads can be replaced by a short plug. The second superconducting coil serves as a sweep coil and allows to sweep over a range of +/- 80 mT. The homebuilt power supply for the sweep coil is connected to a PC via the serial port and has a resolution of 18 bit, corresponding to 0.61 μT. The magnet has an inner bore diameter of 74 mm, whose temperature can be controlled between 4 K and roomtemperature.

All EPR - experiments are controlled by a PC, to which the devices are connected via an IEEE 488 bus. Experiment control and data acquisition is controlled by means of the SpecMan for EPR program.