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The J-Band EPR Spectrometer

Since 2015, we have one of the few J-Band spectrometer, Bruker ELEXSYS E-780 FT/CW, operating at 263GHz (quasi optical mm-wave frontend, X-Band backend). The spectrometer is equipped with a 400MHz wide bore NMR superconducting magnet (sweep range is +/- 800 Gauss). The system is equipped with the ENDOR capabilities (DICE-II Pulse-RF unit) as well. The microwave source is 30mW and the whole system is designed for AWG pulses, we can change the amplitude and phase of the 263 GHz microwave by a Bruker Spin-Jet AWG (like Bruker provides for X- or Q-Band spectrometer). The temperature can be controlled between 4K and room temperature by an Oxford temperature controller.

For technical questions ask Vasyl Denysenkov.