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The homebuilt AWG-X-Band Spectrometer

Since 1998, we had a home build spectrometer whose operating frequency could be set between 2.7 and 3.7 GHz (S-Band), however the overall use was limited. Therefor we converted most of the parts from that spectrometer to a dedicated AWG-X-Band spectrometer. The spectrometer operates between 9 and 10 GHz consist of two two-channel AWGs a Bruker PatternJet for synchronizing and triggering the AWG pulses. The AWG output is amplified by a 1KW TWT (ASE 117x), and feed into a cavity (e.g. Bruker Flexline MS3) situated inside an Oxford Instruments CF935 cryostat and an AEG X-Band Magnet (with the connected power supply we can reach a field up to 0.6 T). The temperature can be controlled between 4 K and room temperature by an Oxford ITC502 temperature controller.

The EPR spectrometer is controlled by a self-written python program (AWG-Connect). The Bruker Xepr has a python interface (XeprAPI), the AWG is controlled with matlab and matlab has a python interface as well. Different scenarios can be called by AWG-Connect and automatically run to record multi-dimensional EPR spectra.

For technical questions ask Burkhard Endeward.