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Bruker Elexsys E580 X- and Q-Band Spectrometer

This X-Band spectrometer has been installed in 1998, in 2008 it was upgraded to a X/Q-band spectrometer and 2011 we got the SpecJet II / PatterJet II upgrade. Since 2017 we use a 150 W amplifier and an arbitrary waveform generator, and since March 2019 a SpecJet III (0.5 ns resolution) including a VAMP-III with 1GHz bandwidth.

The spectrometer is equipped with the X-band bridge which can be used via up/down conversion as a Q-band spectrometer. The Q-band frequency is amplified with a 150 W traveling-wave tube amplifier (Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.), this power in combination with the Flexline-D2 cavity enables for a ~ 8ns π-pulse. The spectrometer can be used in both frequencies in cw mode, for pulsed ENDOR, PELDOR and other pulsed EPR experiments. The different Flexline probe heads (Q-band D2-ENDOR, X-band MD5-FT-EPR, MD4-ENDOR, MS3-FT-EPR) could be temperature controlled inside an Oxford Instruments CF935 cryostat.

The PatternJet II generated mw pulses with a resolution of 1ns. The SpecJet III has a transient resolution of 0.5ns and 14bit amplitude resolution. With the arbitrary waveform generator (SpinJet AWG, Bruker) custom shaped pulses with a resolution of 0.625 ns and 14 bit amplitude resolution can be used. The X-band setup has a 1KW TWT amplifier (ASE 117X) and for the pulsed ENDOR a 2kW RF amplifier (Dressler LPPA10020 LF).