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Publications 2014

  • Jagtap, A. P., Krstic, I., Kunjir, N. C., Hänsel, R., Prisner, T. F. and Sigurdsson, S. Th. (2014), Sterically Shielded Spin Labels for in-Cell EPR Spectroscopy: Analysis of Stability in Reducing Environment. Free Radical Res., 49, 78 - 85
  • Jakdetchai, O., Denysenkov, V., Becker-Baldus, J., Dutagaci, B., Prisner, T. F. and Glaubitz, C. (2014), Dynamic Nuclear Polarization-Enhanced NMR on Aligned Lipid Bilayers at Ambient Temperature. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 136, 15533 - 15536
    doi: 10.1021/ja509799s
  • Gophane, D. B., Endeward, B., Prisner, T. F. and Sigurdsson, S. Th. (2014), Conformationally Restricted Isoindoline-Derived Spin Labels in Duplex DNA: Distances and Rotational Flexibility by Pulsed Electron-Electron Double Resonance Spectroscopy. Chem. Eur. J.20, 15913 - 15919
    doi: 10.1002/chem.201403726
  • Bader, K., Dengler, D., Lenz, S., Endeward, B., Jiang, S., Neugebauer, P. and van Slageren, J. (2014), Room Temperature Quantum Coherence in a Potential Molecular Qubit. Nat. Commun., 5, 5304
  • Seven, I., Weinrich, T., Gränz, M., Grünewald, C., Brüß, S., Krstić, I., Prisner, T. F., Heckel, A. and Göbel, M. W. (2014), Photolabile Protecting Groups for Nitroxide Spin Labels. Eur. J. Org. Chem., 2014, 4037 - 4043.
    doi: 10.1002/ejoc.201301692
  • Neugebauer, P., Krummenacker, J. G., Denysenkov, V. P., Helmling, C., Luchinat, C., Parigi, G., and Prisner, T. F. (2014), High-Field Liquid State NMR Hyperpolarization: a Combined DNP/NMRD Approach. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 16, 18781 - 18787
    doi: 10.1039/C4CP02451F
  • Budanow, A., Haeri, H. H., Sänger, I., Schödel, F., Bolte, M., Prisner, T. F., Wagner, M. and Lerner, H.-W.(2014), Disupersilylperoxo Radical Anion [tBu3SiOOSitBu3]·— : An Intermediate of Supersilanide Oxidation. Chem. Eur. J., 20, 10236 - 10239
    doi: 10.1002/chem.201403854
  • Lumme, C., Altan-Martin, H., Dastvan, R., Sommer, M.S., Oreb, M., Schütz, D., Hellenkamp, B., Mirus, O., Kretschmer, J., Lyubenova, S., Kügel, W., Medelnik, J.P., Dehmer, M., Michaelis, J., Prisner, T. F., Hugel, T. and Schleiff, E.(2014), Nucleotides and Substrates Trigger the Dynamics of the Toc34 GTPase Homodimer Involved in Chloroplast Preprotein Translocation. Structure, 22, 526 - 538
    doi: 10.1016/j.str.2014.02.004
  • Hübner, A., Diehl, A. M., Diefenbach, M., Endeward, B., Bolte, M., Lerner, H.-W., Holthausen, M. C., and Wagner, M. (2014), Confirmed by X-ray Crystallography: The B·B One-Electron s Bond. Angew. Chem. 126, 4932–4935
    doi: 10.1002/ange.201402158